DNS entry implementation
A DNS is a Domain name server and allows your network to resolve links to the correct domain.
This allows go links to resolve on the network without requiring our browser extension.
In order to make go links work on your network so that typing in http://go/link resolves correctly, you will need to add an internal DNS entry.
Go to your Internal DNS Settings to create an A Record.
Enter in the following fields for the A record
  • Name: go
  • IP Address:

Do I need to install the Upslash extension?

It’s not required for Upslash but it’s recommended if your company has not set up a DNS entry or search domains for upslash.io.
The extension allows you to access Upslash within your company network or on any other network. This makes Upslash available no matter where you are. The browser extension also allows for easy, one-click creation of go links.

What is the IP address to add a DNS entry on our corporate network?

Add an A record entry for go and point it to the following IP address: