Getting Started
This page summarizes all the essentials you will need to know to start with Upslash. Here you can find all best-practices and tips to set up your account, users, and go links.

πŸ‘€ Upslash in 16 seconds

πŸ–₯ Install a browser extension

You will not be able to use Upslash if you do not install one of our browser extensions.
Once you have installed one of the browser extensions that are available (Chrome and Brave) you will be able to use the URL forwarder. Because of the differences between the different browsers, you will have to use the go links triggers slightly differently.

πŸ”— Create your first go link

Go links are a type of URL shortening system that are set up and controlled by an organization like a company or an NGO. Instead of having to remember a URL that looks like this:
You will be able to share a go link that looks like this:
Remember to always pick a short and memorable name for your go link.

🏒 Invite your team

With Upslash you can share go links with your colleagues so that they can access the same links that you have created.
Only Superadmins and Admins can invite users to your organization. You can check user permissions for the different roles here.